Any Gracious Heart

by Pleasance House

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durev Great, now I cant wake up properly without listening to this album. Amazing work! Favorite track: The Vanity of Toil.
Jake S.
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Jake S. I would pick both of these tracks, because they are so good. But only picking one, I had to go with Toil. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to what you bring to the table next, man. Favorite track: The Vanity of Toil.
Stephen Shutters
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Stephen Shutters Connor is simply a musical genius. His art is ethereal, heartfelt, and beautiful.
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"Any Gracious Heart" is the third full length album by Pleasance House. It contains nine simple acoustic songs about the beautiful and cruel world in which we all live.


released May 12, 2016

CB - Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Piano / Production / Mastering

The album was home recorded in metro Atlanta, Georgia, primarily from October - December 2015. The album cover is a photo taken off the coast of Portland, Maine, in the summer of 2009.



all rights reserved


Pleasance House Boise, Idaho

Music created with no intention.


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Track Name: Sightless Slayer
Breaking, the dawn, bright rays spread
You earthly person, you saw them
The sun will rise, we’re running
Through open field, distant mountain

Fall air, air
Air, air

Peace in the wild, so solemn
The blades and flowers sway calmly
All things, alive, created
A wondrous sight, so wasted

Flow air, air
Shake trees, sightless slayer
Flow air, air
Move miles, blowing there
Track Name: The Vanity of Toil
What’d you say
Last night
Perfect wounds
Blind sight

Would you take
That away
Lustrous dreams
Kill pain

Virtue lives
On lies
Toils shine,
Rust, die

Giver gives
Some days
Giver takes
Track Name: Limelight
I fall in the floating that is all life
Lost sure confidence that’s then laid to die
Thrown, tossed tolerance, it don’t hit the ceil
Bridge burned of lost grace will not heal

Tonight, the world has served it’s time
The limelight, a gift enthusing sighs
The fountain, it raises liquid life
A thousand outpour with certain signs

Missed ways, walking forward and back to show
One face so flawless yet so unknown
Two steps: one forward, one back, a loss
Then showing the paths yet once more crossed

Tonight, the world has walked its ways
The limelight, a treasure filled with pain
The fountain, it flows a flower’s need
A thousand outpour in ways yet seen

Tonight, the world has seen all things
The limelight, it’s lost what silence brings
The fountain, it pours a precious gift
A thousand explore the great new place
Track Name: Cashing Me Out
They were cashing me out, you said
You’d say I wouldn’t know when
It’s slower, maybe, for someone
Who’d seen their own death at the door

All these things that I’ve done, for what
They’re there and then they’re gone, so
Now, sandcastles, these things they are
I've lost them to the infinite wave

Lost loves, oh there’s nothing
Gone riches, all for nothing
All ashes; burned away
Earth’s promise, all decayed
Yet I want, yet I call

Oh, I’ve latched onto faith, I set
My mind on other things now
I’ve watched my world fall apart
I see only things that are new
Track Name: Second Home
Got on that plane
Second home
Is the place
Where I found
Summer’s love

Frost, winter’s glare
Run around
Snow was there
Christmas day
Then went south
Saw St. Clair

When we got into Flint
Loved ones greet us with
All of their compassion; elation

Drive down seventy-five
To where they reside
All things I have loved are waiting

Large wooden walls
Olden days
Pictures say
Thing I was
Not here for
And so much more

Sized on the door
Ragged road
Nose to blow
Maple leaf
Seen across
A clear blue lake

In the grass we would play
Loved ones watched away
All of their compassion; elation

Drive up, large lake I’d see
A fire on the beach
All things I have loved are waiting

Got on that plane
Second home
Is the place
Where I found
Summer’s love
Track Name: Grave Robbers
All the chord was, was so sad
Graven roots became the chain
Holding down one which could not escape
A polished tomb from which grave robbers take

Falling waves, to June
Walled up heat, a ruse
Confusion, so it be
Drowning out a voice to leave

Watch and read, all scenes
Do fiction and real mean anything?
Traversed ground; collision
Essentials never bought

Wasting minds, so soon
Fervently, a frequent full moon
Sun it finds, at night
Looking down on earthly things, taken and gone
Track Name: I Will
I’m so sorry
Severed sanguine thoughts
Trampled and distraught

I’m so careless
Passive and ashamed
To the self I slave

But you’re so selfless
You indirectly wait
For me just to take

The shyness that I feel and heed
A worrisome disease

Oh I’m so sorry
For everything I do
I will change for you

A burning lantern
The power in my heart
A fruitful budding starts

When I see
A smile on your face
Remission of disdain

The tempered glow
Of bronze reflected light unveils
The world in which we share

I will change in the things I do
I will love every part of you
I will hold you in my arms
I will fight to all deathly harm
I will care 'til the world it breaks
I will do everything it takes
I will change in the things I do
I will love every part of you
I will change in the things I do
I will love every part of you
Track Name: There and Gone
Loving my saddest dream
Waking; now life it seems
Showing all the things I lost
Happy mind is soon far gone

Loving is sad
When losing it at last

Hold it, it’s there and gone
Wishing and forever long
For the things you knew you’d lost
Loving them has had its cost

Taken away
Taken away

Watching the sky at dusk
Taurus; those distant suns
Light years gone from this home now
Good men look back not so proud

We’re taken away
A new world comes to stay

Distance, the wanter’s bane
Helpless, so far away
All the things you thought you had
Loneliness infests the man

Wake up each day
Wish to fall away
Track Name: Bensalem
Don’t explain all the things that you want us to know
Other times, and Mechthild, and the things of the future

Praise and love, all your doves, all these mad ideas of progress
Then in prime hypocrisy, there’s that sad day in August

Oh the end, far away, monastic men of the grave
Royal walks far from home, New Atlantis, bye Bensalem

Holy heart you melt for us, but what madness waits the sinner
Selfishness; can’t respect all the things we are promised

Holy heart, you melt in quiet fever
And we know that you won’t believe us
Full neglect of the pages written
Congregate in our flawless reason

Call us back a final time, the heavens wait, and nothing takes me back to the wretched earthly place where I can’t speak, and oh my heart - it will always break over you

Bringer of utopia, a songbird sings that nothing takes me back to the wretched earthly mind I had where I was never right, and my body was a temple of the sadness that I knew

A brittle stone palace, oh this monastery collapses on you

Thousands of these wasted years creating all the luxuries that we love; all the wars of world’s past and conquests and this shedded blood - but in my selfish state I see only what I want

Call me back a final time, the heavens wait, so nothing takes me back to this wretched earthly place where I can’t speak, and oh my heart - it will always break over you

A pedal to the dust became the crux, now out of view